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Marinelli Methods Treating Greater NJ

Dr. Charles Marinelli offers non-invasive, corrective treatments that are both pain free and low force. These unique treatments fit into the health and well being of any lifestyle. If you have tried other avenues of pain relief with little to no results, give us a call today and let us be your solution!

Unique Whole Body Healing

Marinelli Methods non-invasive health practices can be the final solution you’ve been looking for. Our unique chiropractic approach encompass a full spectrum of holistic healing without the use of common bone cracking practices. Our effective and advanced approach focuses on the root cause of a problem, not a temporary quick fix. The condition itself can be relieved by understanding the entirety of the primary issues involved.

Charles Marinelli, D.C.

Holistic Health & Nutrition Coaching

A program rooted in bio-individuality that will radically improve your health and happiness. 
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Hair Analysis

Your hair reveals a long history and identifies patterns and exposures to a variety of influences. Find out today what your hair says about your health. 
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Non-Invasive Cellulite Treatment

A personalized approach that lets you focus only on the areas you want to improve with zero downtime.
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Acoustic Wave Therapy (AWT)

A mechanical stimulation that encourages natural healing processes in the body. Safe, effective and pain-free.
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Righteye Vision Test

A 5-minute test provides meaningful information about your functional vision that could transform your life. 
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